Nemesisagain commenting on Rana’s odd behaviour and language

It appears Ranjit Rana is receiving some of his own medicine. Of course, he turns around and then insults complete strangers in his next comment – but hey, somebody’s got to pay for Rana’s humiliation. I would like that person/people  to feel free to make comments on my site.  Anyone else being rubbished by Ranjit Shamsher Jung Bahadur Rana from Adelaide cannot be all bad – as a matter of fact, they are generally pretty good – hence the comments spewing forth from Ranjit Rana’s evil black-hearted little “mind”.

The  comments to your right were taken from a blog Ranjit Rana uses to vilify all and sundry.   He has numerous such blogs, all with false names.  I believe he has not ever met any of these people he is attacking. Perhaps they have made fun of him, but then who wouldn’t?  If a girl called Pornography Starling  contacted you, wouldn’t you be just a little bit suspicious? But notice how he insults people by calling them “baboons”. I believe the “baboons” our little malicious  fellow refers too are fellow Nepalese who support the monarchy  (Nepal is now a Maoist/Democratic (!) state).  Anyway, just a taste of what is in store for the rest of the world should anyone dare to cross the egomaniac and evil-hearted Ranjit Rana.


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