From Ranjit Rana. Check his strange language

I genuinely believed them to be true and joined them. On doing so I was out of the blue attacked and vilified by a crazy 22 year old Maoist called Liberator Ahsi, which he appeared to them in various female AVATARS. They believed him and vilified me. Now it is time to get redress, and I am going to deconstruct theirs’ demented egos. Liberator Ahsi attacked me by using a Nepalese Maoist girl called Varsha Thapa (i.e. pornography starling). I will tell them who do you think you are now! Varsha Thapa came to my life suddenly to be Miss Nepal, and I tried to help her out, and for that I was abused in front of false Royals, Nobility and Elites by the Maoists. I am that I am.See More

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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

False Royals of Europe that Mike Kelehar and his baboon pals do not know

 Please share this list with Your friends. Report the fakes to Facebook. And if You know of any more fake royalties or nobilities – please let me know! But I also need to know on what grounds You claim them to be fakes.

One Comment to “From Ranjit Rana. Check his strange language”

  1. The above comments were taken from a blog Ranjit Rana uses to vilify all and sundry. I believe he has not ever met any of these people he is attacking. Perhaps they have made fun of him but who wouldn’t? If a girl called Pornography Starling contacted you, would you not be just a little bit suspicious? But notice how he insults people by calling them “baboons”. I believe the “baboons” our little Nepalese fellow refers too are fellow Nepalese who support the monarchy (Nepal is now aMaoist/


    (!) state). Anyway, just a taste of what is in store for the rest of the world should anyone dare to cross the egomaniac and evil-hearted Ranjit Rana.

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