Have a look at Say No to Cyber Harassment website.

This is a terrific fearless and courageous woman who has a lot to say.  I agree with her that there is no point in not fighting back!  No one else will help you.  Being polite and quiet does not work.  It leaves no impression on your criminal psychopath cyberstalker and stalker.  Defend yourself and your familyAlways.  You will constantly be told not to antagonize your cyberstalker or stalker.  Yeh, sure.  The Gregurev family  did not do anything whatsoever to encourage  Ranjit Rana, but he sits at his little machine and spews forth bile constantly – and certainly not about the Gregurev’s only.  Never came across any woman whose criminal psychopath stalker stopped of  his own volition.  I guess it depends on what is happening in their miserable little lives and their sick little minds.  And that has nothing whatsoever to do with the people they victimize but everything to do with what character these clowns have. 

I would advise all those being stalked, if they know who their stalker is, to have the police do an assessment of the stalker.  They try to assess whether he/she is likely to be dangerous, and to what level.  If you do have to deal with murderous b-st-rds, get good security and do whatever you have to do to protect yourself.  Just don’t get caught.   Women are sick to death – literally – of waiting to be continuously victimized.  Do not die or live in fear or lie down and “take it like a woman”.   No man would ever be given the advice to do nothing and make himself less offensive – whatever that might be.  Work at making yourself strong.  Get others to help you, even strangers if need be.  Yell  “Fire”  instead of  “Help”, as more people will respond to the word fire.  And if you do have to face a confrontation, sell your life dearly.


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