Answering Weird Affidavits

Answering Weird Affidavits

Cartoon late 2014 Hagar 001

“Affidavit” written by stalker Ranjit Shamsher Jung Bahadur Rana of Adelaide, South Australia. Answered by infuriated mother turned cyber-activist after many, many years of having her daughter stalked by this disturbed creature, in person, and eventually on the internet.  One good thing?  I have had to familiarize myself with the internet – somewhat – in order to defend my family.  Lots of unpleasant things though – and some of that consists of having one’s existence defamed and libelled in every way imaginable.  Even though everything Ranjit Rana says is TOTAL B-LLSH-T, eventually it becomes unbearable and gets corrected.  This is written for ALL THOSE PEOPLE HARASSED BY RANJIT RANA, BOTH IN AUSTRALIA AND OVERSEAS.  Remember, you do not have to do or say anything to or about Rana to become victimised by Rana.  It is enough to be a tall blond female for whom he develops a manic attraction.  As not one single girl or woman has ever responded to Rana, and as he hates women in general, his attachment difficulties can be “positive” where you get bombarded with “love” letters, or negative where you receive even more “hate” letters.  A putrid evil little snake with a major personality problem.  He plays the “disability” and “race” card at every opportunity and clogs the justice system with his outrageous and ridiculous claims.


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