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October 27, 2012

Answering Weird Affidavits

Cartoon late 2014 Hagar 001

I have today posted a recent newspaper cartoon to the google site at the left.  You will find it at the top of the first page.  I think it is funny.  Wait – I shall try to put it here below as well, if I can manage it.


The Affidavit was written by Stalker and Cyberstalker  Ranjit Shamsher Jung Bahadur Rana of Adelaide, South Australia.  He left his Affidavit on one or two of his websites or blogs and then did his best to advertise his scurrilous writings widely.   It is another attempt by this person to harass, defame and undermine the welfare of an impeccable young woman who has NEVER had, does NOT NOW have, and NEVER WILL HAVE  any form of RELATIONSHIP with this unacceptable being.  Therefore you will find this affidavit answered by an infuriated mother turned cyber-activist after many, many years of having her daughter stalked by this disturbed creature, in person, and, eventually, also on the internet, when student internet use started in South Australian universities.  This of course was years ago.  However, Rana has pursued and harassed his victim from girlhood to young womanhood, and if he lives long enough we assume he will continue to harass her until the day she passes away.  Please do not assume this is his only victim.  Rana has a very long history of expressing his disgust with every other living person through public comments, bring court cases against people, and doing everything possible to ruin a person’s reputation.  Many people have taken out Restraining Orders against him.

One good thing?  I have had to familiarize myself with the internet – somewhat – in order to defend my friends.  There are lots of unpleasant things at the same time, though – and some of that consists of having one’s existence defamed and libelled in every way imaginable.  Many of Rana’s comments have been extremely insulting, are death-oriented, and are filled with hatred for people who are suffering a disability.  Ranjit Rana seems to believe that as he is from Nepal and is not working, his “race” and his “disability” allow him to deeply damage other people.  He vilifies people all over the internet, and many people have had to take out what were then Restraining Orders against Rana.  Nina was told by South Australian Police to take out a Restraining Order against him when they received notification that Rana boasted he intended to rape Nina Gregurev. This was received just before Christmas 2007, and a few months after Nina’s life companion passed away from cancer. Nina and her mother had nursed David Burrow (agricultural scientist, with four tertiary degrees) until his untimely death.  They were helped by David’s three brothers, one of whom is a medical specialist.  Ranjit Rana had never been told anything about Nina or her family’s circumstances.  It appears that the eventual disclosure of the existence of David Burrow was a major shock to him.  He photographed and stalked a number of men whose photos he posted on the internet with disturbing and insulting comments.  He seems to be unwilling to believe that David Burrow has died.  He certainly accused David Burrow of attacking him – well after he had died.  Apparently that was at the alleged instigation of Darda Gregurev!   And NO, that is not evidence he has schizophrenia,  Rana makes other people suffer from his PERSONALITY DISORDERS – which he does not acknowledge – although he was so diagnosed by several reputable psychiatrists in the past.  Rana is a really weird person, he WANTS to be a SCHIZOPHRENIC so, he thinks, he can sue the Australian Defence Force for his suffering.  He was a store person in the Defence Force after he married an Australian visitor to Nepal and found he had to earn in living here.  His poor wife left him when she was pregnant with their first child.  Apparently, according to his daughter’s notice to Rana on a Nepali website, Rana is still writing letters to his ex-wife.  Rana at the moment is trying to deny the reality of his daughter’s comments but unfortunately Rana answered her with a very revealing comment.  It was on the website for a considerable time.

Even though everything Ranjit Rana says is TOTAL B-LLSH-T, eventually it becomes unbearable and gets corrected.  This is written for ALL THOSE PEOPLE HARASSED BY RANJIT RANA, BOTH IN AUSTRALIA AND OVERSEAS.  Remember, you do not have to do or say anything to or about Rana to become victimised by Rana.  It is enough to be a tall blond female for whom he develops a manic attraction.  As not one single girl or woman has ever responded to Rana, and as he hates women in general, his attachment difficulties can be “positive” where you get bombarded with “love” letters, or negative where you receive even more “hate” letters.

A putrid evil little creature with major personality problems. He constantly plays the “disability” and “race” card for his advantage.  He is one of the large number of people who have developed a hatred for people who look different to themselves, and see discrimination everywhere they look.  There is undoubtedly some discrimination – I do not know anyone who has not come across it personally.  One can be a high status white man, and be constantly described as a racist discriminating person, without being able to answer back.  It appears to be obvious though that common sense, good character and hard work helps people manage in their chosen country.  If you do not want to work, and have a piss-poor character to start off with, well, you probably will never reach much popularity anywhere in the world, and certainly not with beautiful blond girls.

Here is the link to Answering Weird Affidavits:

May 16, 2011

Have a look at Say No to Cyber Harassment website.

This is a terrific fearless and courageous woman who has a lot to say.  I agree with her that there is no point in not fighting back!  No one else will help you.  Being polite and quiet does not work.  It leaves no impression on your criminal psychopath cyberstalker and stalker.  Defend yourself and your familyAlways.  You will constantly be told not to antagonize your cyberstalker or stalker.  Yeh, sure.  The Gregurev family  did not do anything whatsoever to encourage  Ranjit Rana, but he sits at his little machine and spews forth bile constantly – and certainly not about the Gregurev’s only.  Never came across any woman whose criminal psychopath stalker stopped of  his own volition.  I guess it depends on what is happening in their miserable little lives and their sick little minds.  And that has nothing whatsoever to do with the people they victimize but everything to do with what character these clowns have. 

I would advise all those being stalked, if they know who their stalker is, to have the police do an assessment of the stalker.  They try to assess whether he/she is likely to be dangerous, and to what level.  If you do have to deal with murderous b-st-rds, get good security and do whatever you have to do to protect yourself.  Just don’t get caught.   Women are sick to death – literally – of waiting to be continuously victimized.  Do not die or live in fear or lie down and “take it like a woman”.   No man would ever be given the advice to do nothing and make himself less offensive – whatever that might be.  Work at making yourself strong.  Get others to help you, even strangers if need be.  Yell  “Fire”  instead of  “Help”, as more people will respond to the word fire.  And if you do have to face a confrontation, sell your life dearly.

May 2, 2011

Nemesisagain commenting on Rana’s odd behaviour and language

It appears Ranjit Rana is receiving some of his own medicine. Of course, he turns around and then insults complete strangers in his next comment – but hey, somebody’s got to pay for Rana’s humiliation. I would like that person/people  to feel free to make comments on my site.  Anyone else being rubbished by Ranjit Shamsher Jung Bahadur Rana from Adelaide cannot be all bad – as a matter of fact, they are generally pretty good – hence the comments spewing forth from Ranjit Rana’s evil black-hearted little “mind”.

The  comments to your right were taken from a blog Ranjit Rana uses to vilify all and sundry.   He has numerous such blogs, all with false names.  I believe he has not ever met any of these people he is attacking. Perhaps they have made fun of him, but then who wouldn’t?  If a girl called Pornography Starling  contacted you, wouldn’t you be just a little bit suspicious? But notice how he insults people by calling them “baboons”. I believe the “baboons” our little malicious  fellow refers too are fellow Nepalese who support the monarchy  (Nepal is now a Maoist/Democratic (!) state).  Anyway, just a taste of what is in store for the rest of the world should anyone dare to cross the egomaniac and evil-hearted Ranjit Rana.

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