The Advertiser (Adelaide, Australia)   06-20-2007

Ex-student must pay
Edition: 1 State
Section: News

A FORMER student who tried to sue the University of SA for $1 million after being refused entry to an event has been ordered to pay the university’s legal costs.

Federal Court judge Anthony Besanko dismissed the claim by Ranjit Rana earlier this year, finding him an unsatisfactory witness and parts of his evidence “incredible”.
The court heard the university had offered to settle the case with Mr Rana by paying him $400. He refused.


The above newspaper account is taken from The Advertiser, Adelaide,  South Australia.    It is only one of his many attempts at extortion.  Most of them are not made this public.  However, anyone willing can look up his Court cases, of which there are many.  Some are suppressed –  they are likely to be the ones where he did succeed at squeezing some money out of organizations, on the understanding that he would never enter these universities again.  He was also supposed to keep this a secret, but he sent extensive documentation to Darda Gregurev’s home to boast about his small successes.  He spent the money on wild living and booze,  [ so at least it wasn’t  wasted ] and by sending money to a “young blond Russian woman”  who “desperately came to love him over the internet” and who wanted to come to Australia to marry him if only “she”  had the money for her trip – of course “she” lost it on the way to Moscow airport and went for  some double-dipping once  the Russian scammers  figured out what they were dealing with.  Then apparently  someone in the University post office tried to warn him off sending money to the Russian mafia, so he tried to sue that person, too.  I am almost beginning to feel sorry for him – except – he has such a malicious  character that it would be pointless feeling anything but enormous dislike for Ranjit Rana.

Take note of  Justice Besanko’s summing up of his assessment of  Rana’s integrity.


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